Are you making it simple for people to give to your church? We exist to assist your people by matching their growing faith with today´s way of giving!

Trevor and Tracey Attenders roll out of bed Sunday morning, gather up their two young children and slip into your service just as it begins. They are learning so much about God and they want to be a part of what is going on with your church. They went out last night with some friends to dinner, spent $50, left a tip and did it all with their debit card. They came to church this morning because they BELIEVE its valuable for their family and they had planned on giving when the offering plate was passed but just like last night, they carry little cash, can´t find their checkbook --BUT they still have that Debit Card.

NO PROBLEM. You have partnered with so Trevor and Tracey can go to the Giving Center in your lobby after the service and use their debit card for the $100 they want to give. When they get home they go to your church web page that has partnered with faithgive .com and set up their online giving to your church making their giving SIMPLE, STEADY, and SECURE!